Онлайн-репетиции для музыкантов


We can provide devices for testing, so you can try the Onliner yourself)) If you want to test the Onliners, send us a request for testing (see below).

Test Terms

  1. Devices are provided for testing, if available.
  2. We provide up to 4 devices for no more than 1 day.
  3. Devices are sent by courier. Sending to you at our expense, sending back - at your expense, door-to-door courier. Sending is made during working hours.
  4. The devices are provided with additional set of accessories (sound card, Ethernet wire, adapters) to equip you with everything needed to play online. You should return the device in the same set as you received it.
  5. You agree not to disassemble the device.
  6. Testing service is provided free of charge.
  7. The devices are provided without any warranty, we can not guarantee the performance in your specific conditions. However, our support team will do everything possible to help you organize a successful online session.
  8. After testing, you agree to write a review on Facebook/VK/etc. At least one member of your team should write a review.
  9. Submitting a test request means your acceptance of these terms.
Test Request
Please fill out the form for each member of your group, this will help us understand how to organise test better.
Musical group
Home address
Mobile phone
Musical instrument
Instrument jack
Do you have a headset (headphones with a microphone)?
Do you have your own sound card or mixing console with a USB port?
What is your internet provider?
What is the channel speed?
Do you know how to forward / open a port on a router (as for Torrents)?
If the answer to the previous question is "No"
Do you have a password for your home router? (This may be necessary for support service)
Do you know how to use Skype and share the screen? (This may be necessary for support service)
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Сlicking the button, you consent to the processing of personal data and agree with the privacy policy.